Friday, August 22, 2008

BINGE & purge

Hey Kiddo's. I'm tidying up a bit. After realizing I don't actually read a third of the blogs on my roll I set them free, catch and release if you will. Not because they weren't great, most of you have them all on your rolls too, but because I want to make room for all the great blogs I continue to stumble upon that bring me so much joy. And I hate long blog rolls.

The morning after the wedding. Eeek!

Also, (drum roll please) I eliminated the wedding references as I doubt I'll be needing them any time soon. Amazing how something can rule your brain one day and be completely irrelevant the next!

If you're reading this and don't see your name on my list please post a comment so I can come peep your goods.


Heather said...

LOLOLOL. that pic of you is hilarious!

v8_grrl said...

liberation I say...Liberate yourself...In more ways than one ;)


coco+kelley said...

funny ~ i was thinking i needed to do the same thing. i hate long blogrolls!

ps - that photo is REDIC. we're you going for sexy? or sleepy? or 'stop taking my f*ing picture'? ;)

Annie Empiric said...

the picture is allll comedy. I was working on almost no sleep and was joining my friends for bloody marys. my hair was really a site but actually looks sort of tame here. hahaha.

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