Saturday, April 12, 2008

15, 18, 21, 25, Ancient.......

my brother Ben, our friend kate, and me. At 15.

When you are 15 it is almost impossible to imagine yourself at 30. Its 15, 18, 21, 25, ancient……

My brother and I had some wild plans for when we were 30. They involved abandoning our families (the husbands and wives and kids we were sure to have by this beyond elderly age) and partake in some of the recreational fun of our “youth”. The idea of which now sounds incredibly painful.

At 15 I had already figured out all there is to know about life. Everything was very VERY important and serious and definite. There were still things being threatened involving permanent records!! I, like all 15 year olds, was obnoxious, arrogant, big headed and wrong. Turns out I did not know everything. Nothing is too important. Very few things need to be taken seriously. And, thank god, there is no permanent record.

In honor of tomorrow, my 30th birthday, I am sharing a list of things I wrote back in high school. I don’t know what prompted me to write it or if I was completely high at the time but its silly and it makes me remember 15 year old me and smile.

1) never resist the urge to smile
2) don’t hold grudges
3) don’t linger in the past
4) drink wine whenever possible ( HI-larious as I only drank Captain Morgans – out of a “handle”)
5) express your love to family and friends
6) watch fireworks with someone you love
7) express your love through art
8) draw rainbows
9) dry flowers
10) laugh A LOT
11) don’t get mad over small things
12) write poetry
13) doodle
14) collect quotes (which I did and still have stacks of)
15) photograph sunsets
16) never lose touch (not sure if I was referring to people or with reality but I think it is important to remain in contact with both)
17) experiment with odd foods
18) own wool socks
19) watch the Grinch on Christmas Eve
20) share
21) listen when needed
22) blow bubbles with gum
23) have at least one special place
24) climb trees
25) roller blade
26) always have a good friend of the opposite sex
27) stay in shape (HAhahahahahahaha)
28) watch Brady Bunch reruns
29) be crazy
30) dress how you want to, when you want to
31) fall in love three times a day
32) kiss, hug, and most importantly cuddle
33) read a lot
34) take baths by candle light
35) take pictures
36) never let money get in your way
37) play in dry leaves
38) run around naked (????)
39) use dating as a means to make friends, not enemies
40) live near the ocean
41) plant tree’s ( I have always been an Arbor day enthusiast )
42) have a window box of flowers
43) own something purple
44) give kids puppies
45) teach teachers new things
46) have a big yard (15 year old me didn’t have a grasp on today’s real estate market)
47) play volley ball
48) use your knowledge
49) ski
50) when meeting someone randomly twice justify it as fate
51) adore Kate Moss (too long to explain)
52) if you don’t enjoy your surroundings…. Move! (which I did, about a dozen times)
53) Use crayons
54) drink hot chocolate with whipped cream
55) think before criticizing
56) say “bless you” when somebody sneezes
57) wear braids
58) avoid prejudice
59) do drugs (ummm)
60) bake muffins with blueberries (munchies?)
61) listen to the music which makes you happy
62) sing Winnie The Pooh songs
63) on birthdays surprise someone with balloons
64) watch cartoon movies
65) engage in safe sex
66) keep a varied group of friends
67) drink frappes (okay, I was definitely stoned when writing this)
68) go to the beach
69) if possible see a Dead show
70) be romantic
71) don’t depend on others
72) follow your dreams
73) watch Oprah (still do!)
74) read horoscopes
75) don’t spark (this was my word for being snippy with people)
76) go to at least one movie a month
77) go camping ( I despise camping, no on e ask me to go camping)
78) skinny dip
79) eat ice cream cones
80) wear corduroys
81) dance
82) light incense (now I prefer DL & Co candles)
83) avoid violence
84) save small portions of all paychecks ( hee hee)
85) have pillow fights
86) have a skylight above your bed
87) be adventurous
88) travel
89) be natural
90) always look your listener in the eyes
91) have coffee talk AT LEAST once a week
92) plant roses
93) frolic in waterfalls
94) search for the rainbow not the pot of gold
95) skip (like Dorothy)
96) listen to rain
97) give and forgive
98) send cards
99) when twitterpated face it head on (Bambie reference)
100) look for the subliminal
101) every day, every where, every way
102) analyze
103) surround yourself with color
104) never grow up

Reading this again after so many years does make me smile but it makes me tear up a bit too. I didn’t know everything. No. But it turns out a knew a little. I would be disappointed in myself for not taking my own advice after all these years. Life gets in the way of life sometimes. So, on this, the eve of this huge looming number, I resolve to give and forgive, frolic in some waterfalls, and to search for the rainbow – not the pot of gold.

Oh to be young again! ☺


Heather said...

this is incredibly sweet. we had a blast tonight. happy birthday darling!

jozette said...

"Use dating as a means to make friends, not enemies"...I love this one.

I'm turning 30 next month. It sure does make you nostalgic, doesn't it?

suzannemarques said...

beautiful list. if only i were as eloquent at 15. heck, i couldn't even write a list like that now! :)

i am very proud of my chairs... i bought them without the okay of my lovely designers and friends because i knew they would work & of course they do! :)

(lovely to see locals in the blogging world! keep in touch!)

Antoine said...

Annie dear, what a great list. Good for you for hanging onto it. You were always wiser than your age, even if maybe you were not as wise as you thought you were. Love you.