Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Sometimes when I have exhausted all my web surf options I resort to googling people I know. And sometimes when I have exhausted those searches I google myself.
Tonight I discovered;

that I am a fishing trophy. Apparently I am an award presented to the member of the International Women's Fishing Association who accumulates the most points for the release of fish. And seeing as the lucky lady who is able to claim this title twice is gifted a diamond I'd also say I am kind of a big deal. What sophisticated lady anglers!

I also found this

very normal photo of me in my natural habitat. Be aware that moments after this photo op I purchased 2 pieces of art that now reside on my floor - where most art purchased under the influence of 3 martinis should be on display. (sorry 2E, I know you dig them. I do not. But I do dig you!)

photo of Elton John and Fabio's love child discovered while searching my dudes name


Anonymous said...

that dude is hot. I'd so do him. And I heard those modern-japanese-pop-graphic paintings that you bought after your third martini are what all the cool kids are blogging about.

Annie Empiric said...

2E... I knew showing you how to comment would be trouble! :)