Monday, April 28, 2008

Let the wild rumpus begin!

Until I left my small New England town and ventured into the world I thought everyone had the same tight bonds with childhood friends that we did. We being Marblehead. Generations of people who know each others parents and grand parents, sisters and cousins. People who really do "know what you did last summer", for better or for worse. More than half of my friends now I have known since before I had reached double digits. One of them I met before I could reach the bathroom sink.

Who knows what attracted us to each other all those years ago. Possibly the same thing that attracted her father to my mother when he brought her to see Fantasia, escorted by our Grandmothers, in the early 1960's. Could we have known then that we would be the only two girls with the balls to tell it like it is in the small private school we were eventually sent to (and basically asked to leave...)? Or maybe it was the premonition that we would be the only girls in our male dominated families (with a combined total of 8 brothers at times) desperate for a sister. Probably it was because we knew deep down that we were very different and needed one another to balance each other in life and keep us sane. Whatever the reason we are still telling it like it is, still leaning on each other as the only sisters in a sea of brothers and still very different but I wouldn't have it any other way!

I have aways felt lucky to have such great friends but the older I get and the more that I realize most people don't keep in touch with friends from their youth I feel blessed. Its been a fantastic 26 Sister, I love you, and here's to 30 more.....

Eskimo kisses in Iceland 2003

SF Chinatown 1999

Thanksgiving in Santa Cruz 1999

Miami with Michelle 2002

San Diego 2007

Two Hot Tickets


Vanessa said...

I'm pretty sure that I've never been honored before in the blogosphere (I've been waiting for the opportunity to use that word for ages, sorry) and I'm also pretty sure that no one else could summarize a lifelong friendship as perfectly as you have. I love you girlie, you really are my sister.
Annie Peck lives!

Marie Louise said...

Wow - that's wonderful that you have such a close, long time friend. You're right, most people don't keep life long friends from their childhood. I too, grew up in a New England town but moved to NYC after high school and to Europe for many years after that. I always regretted that I had lost touch with everyone I knew from my youth. You are very lucky but also wise enough to know what you have!