Monday, May 19, 2008

Every Once In A While

Today was a great day. 

It was beautiful.
Talking to one of my crew I realized that a week from today I will be in Cabo with 6 of the best friends a lady girl can have. Its actually my Boston bachelorette (yes, I have another with my LA peeps - if my liver can handle). This trip has been planned for a while but it hit me today and it hit me hard! 
Sales at the store we're (and recently have been) outstanding. This was partly in thanks to Tori Spelling's TV show, Inn Love, which swung by to shoot her buying up some goods. This was only made cool by the fact that this weekend my girlfriend Joyce thrust her new book into my arms and told me it is a beach read must. Well, one day at the beach and 156 pages later I had the book with me and she signed it for Joyce. The coincidence is bigger than I can comprehend. Sort of unbelievable actually. I can't wait to give Joyce back her book along with its new signature and well wishes. 

Best of all, 2E came back from his extended weekend away, its still beautiful out, I have a yummy dinner in the works and a movie rented that I have been dying to see . Every once in a while life seems ridiculously good. This is one of those whiles.


Heather said...

this is very cozy. glad you had such a fabulous weekend!!!

suzannemarques said...

here's to many more fab moments! :)