Friday, July 11, 2008

Timorous Beasties

I was introduced to this line of wallpaper last April by our shop manager Leslie, formerly of Walnut Wallpaper (reference blogroll). I was immediately drawn to some of the "darker" images such as the Thistle, which I was lucky enough to see in all its glory this week at The Liberty Hotel, the Iguanas and their modern day Toile.

Well unbeknownst to us their line went a little deeper and I found myself dying over a few other pieces that I would be exctatic to rep on our floor.

Such as their moth shades.

And these phenomenal rugs!!! The detail in the Thistle design must be seen in person to truly wow you but it is insane. We are launching a line of bold patterned wool and silk rugs in the fall and this work has pushed me try something a tad bolder, a little more daring and to go totally outside the box.

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coco+kelley said...

omg. i LOOOOVE the thistle rug. i can't wait to see your line!