Thursday, June 12, 2008

Empiric Finds

Currently on the showroom floor and fabulous....

Paul Frankl High Boy Dresser

Look familiar? Same dresser featured on 1st dibs for $3600.

Vintage Modern Desk with Refinished Two Tone Side Cabinet/File Drawer

Vintage Copper Based Entry Table with Refinished Round Lacquer Top
I hope this beautiful table finds a home in the grand entrance of someone's quaint abode where a vase of locally grown farmers market flowers and a stack of mail are its daily company. Mwah! I love you little table!

Vintage Refinished 9 Drawer Dresser
Housed behind the cabinet door of this dresser are three small white lacquer drawers perfect for girly accessories. And even better...

night stands to match! I am not a matchy matchy girl but we have sold this dresser before and I think these side tables compliment it perfectly. In the vintage market it is very difficult to find night stands tall enough for todays popular bed frames but these little gems are juuuust right. The flip down front is nice to conceal your bedside clutter and the drawers are excellent additional storage (right now mine are full of bikini's).

These are my babies until their adoptive parents swoop in like a stork to deliver them home where they belong.

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