Friday, June 20, 2008


This boutique hotel, built by Palisades Development Group, is a must see. The hotel lobby features a lounge complete with turn tables, a coffee bar and half a dozen cozy nooks to hang with friends. I learned about the project last year when Heather and Lauren, the designers, purchased a number of things from the store. I had no idea when I first visited that it would be almost entirely comprised of our pieces. It was such a nice surprise! I couldn't photograph all of the amazing unique things that they juxtaposed but here are a small group of pictures featuring some of their Empiric purchases....

Our Plaza sofa anchors this sleek vignette. Also from the store a vintage 3 cylinder chandelier, travertine top coffee table, pedestal side table and apothecary jar.

Host stand at the entrance.

The task lamp and metal hutch are new pieces which can be found on our website.

This is our Empiric cane back bench in cream leather. Originally they were going to use pony hair bolsters but possibly that idea was scrapped pre production. Vintage framed print above is one that we had in our own home for a bit.

This is other side of the fireplace wall featuring our TH Robsjohn Gibbing reproduction arm chair, vintage floor lamp with suede shade and the mate to the 3 cylinder fixture.

Just a teeny tiny handful of the Empiric pieces on the floor, it was like visiting old friends! I highly recommend popping in with a (human) friend for a drink on the patio or a delicious dinner.

Alex's belated 30th b-day celebration on the patio with the Taylor de Cordobas.


Heather said...


coco+kelley said...

so funny! i was just looking at their website thinking 'annie should really use some of these photos...' - and you DID!

(ps - deep breaths, deep breaths... wedding day is almost here!)

Annie Empiric said...

I actually went in and snapped my own but want to link to theirs from our site if they are cool with that. The place looks great!