Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sweet Like Honey

my photoshopping skills put to work

If you couldn't tell from yesterdays post I am regretting the decision not to honeymoon. We still will of course, but at the point in which we do it will be more of a long vacation. While that possibility is exciting I am concerned the true meaning will be slightly lost. That we won't have that important time of reflection to gain clarity into the magnitude of what we have just done. The new chapter we have entered. That was until I looked up the definition.


Etymology: from the idea that the first month of marriage is the sweetest

1 : a period of harmony immediately following marriage

And so it appears, completely unbeknownst to us, we are honeymooning at this very moment! A moon's cycle worth of sticky sweet honey goodness. Today, if it weren't for work, I would be enjoying our honeymoon on a stretch of grass somewhere local, maybe Laguna, with my new husband. Some rose'. And if I were very very rich, with this.....

Image courtesy of Coco + Kelley however, I have had this torn Elle Decor page in my planner for a year.... its so lux!


jozette said...

When I got married, we eloped in Vegas (I probably already told you that) and our "honeymoon" wasn't until about 2 months later. So it was more like a vacation than a honeymoon - I can relate.

And that picnic set? It's amazing. As long as hubby is the one carrying it.

coco+kelley said...

i think you're doin' a pretty good job of soaking it all up... and just think, this way it lasts even longer... right? plus, we had rose tonight, so that's gotta count for something ;) thanks so much again for din din! tell michael the same and i'm sure i'll see you soon!