Thursday, August 21, 2008

Its a jungle out there!

It is not every day you find a fleet of elephant topiaries on tour for a good cause. If you have the time pop into their site and check it out. A few more photos...

The fleet of 13 is so beautiful, it fills me with an unexplained happiness and it got me thinking; "could I be happier with one of these little guys in my very own backyard"?

Hmmm. The yard is heavy on my mind this week. We used to spend most of our summer evenings entertaining on our patio and days lounging in chairs on the lawn. When the time came to convert our downstairs warehouse into a second showroom the only realistic option was to put 2 (TWO!!) 20' shipping containers in our backyard. For approx 6 months that is where they both remained, eye sores but very useful eyesores.

Well, we're down to just one and as you can kind of see in the photo below, we hung a large circus banner on the side to disguise the beast. With work being busy and the wedding to plan I don't think either of us had the energy this past year to deal. Then came August. We haven't had one evening with friends on the patio (which is not visible in this shot) and the walls inside our place are getting closer and closer. This in conjunction with Gorgi accidentally getting locked inside for an over night which could have resulted in his sad fluffy death if not for me finding him in the nick of time was all the motivation we needed.

2E busted a move to empty it and on Friday life will resume to normal when it goes back from where it came! Hopefully this weekend we will be grilling and handstanding and backyarding (a sport in my inner circle) to our hearts content!!!! I will save the photos of the yard in its worst state for a Before and After in the near future but rest assured, elephant topiary or not, I will once again find happiness in our backyard.


coco+kelley said...

long live backyarding!!!

Pigtown-Design said...

Thanks for the shout! I wish I had been back in the UK to see these!

Style Court said...

Annie, love your blog header and your blog name!

I didn't realize the topiaries (smaller sizes) were for sale. Great tip.

Annie Empiric said...

Yes, I found them by googling 'elephant topiaries" and discovered this website
They have a few options similar to the ones on "tour". When I told my husband he thought they were fantastic so hopefully we'll have one in bloom at our place next spring.

porter hovey said...

OMG!!! Elephants are my favorites!! Just love these guys.