Monday, September 8, 2008

Sweet Dreams

another Scheerer!

Or rise and shine.. depending on where you rest your head. I am taking off to see some friends in Denver tomorrow, my first solo mission sans husband since our "big day". Twin beds a thing of the past. 

I love visiting my best friends and staying at their homes. Our grown up houses a million miles away from the cubby holes we used to rent, together.


SimplyGrove said...

Gorgeous room!!!!!

Jessica @ The Love List said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments at my blog, I love it when new readers speak up so thank you again :) I'm having fun snooping your blog and store!

Dana Wynne and Raul Cordova said...

What, you don't miss the "house of ill repute" in Brookline? (coined by Steven Zevitas)

Heather said...

i'm really into the color palette of these 3 most recent posts. very autumnal. loved our lunch!