Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1st

How great are these Advent calendars?

The energy during the month of December brings a huge smile to my face. I love the holiday season and all the traditions that come along with it. Advent calendars are so fun and I'm bummed I didn't think ahead and make one this year.

The store bought kind are better than nothing but the milk chocolate behind each number is usually lacking. Growing up we always had an advent calendar leading up to Christmas and I get nostalgic whenever I see one. I really want to make one this year! Maybe its not too late....

all photos via Flckr


Anonymous said...

LOVE advent calendars! And I've been seeing some real beauties around recently. Those little felt envelopes are too cute!

I wonder if your allowed to shop for your own advent calendar? I would fill mine with chanel nail polish, starbucks gift cards, and jewelry from my fave etsy shops. And of course I would act VERY surprised when I opened each day!

SimplyGrove said...

These are great!!!

Annie Empiric said...

City Sage, I love it!! I would have stock my calendar with wine, chocolates, shoes, and hats. I guess I will have to get a REALLY big calendar. Hahaha.