Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Small Space Big Style

I just realized that our episode of Small Space Big Style airs again tomorrow! I, comically, invited 50 people over to view it the first time around and then forgot to set my Tivo.

It will be on in the morning {9am EST, 6am PST} if you want to see us and our little LA place.

Photo above is of SFGirlByBay's shoot for the same show.


erika @ urban grace said...

I saw it this morning!!! It was fabulous! I heard them introduce you- I wasn't looking at the tv, I thought "that name sounds familiar", so I spun around then stood there drooling over your darling space!! What fun!!!!!

Jeana Sohn said...

omg! congrats!!!!!!!

Annie Empiric said...

It totally was fun. The 8 minute segment that aired took 10 hours to shoot. I have a whole new respect for actors and the crew who puts productions such as this together!

dolcechic said...