Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thank You

My family goes a little overboard with Christmas. An example? Our "stockings" usually consist of one stocking and 3-4 extra bags full of Bricabrac, trinkets, gimcracks, and gewgaw. Some edible such as Stowaway Sweets and bags full of gummies so there is no complaining here. It sometimes takes 6 months for me to go through it all and put it away or eat it, more true when I was in my teens but still a small problem I need to work on. This year, yes, there are a few bags I have yet to empty and rediscover the contents of but there are some gifts that are true shining stars. Gifts that I had to immediately throw into the rotation. Gems such as this...

I love it for no other reason than it is copper and it is mine. It is adding some serious value to the design of my kitchen and I now want to replace all my pots and pans with their copper likeness. This doesn't sound cheap but it does sound awesome!

I also am in love with this bracelet from, non other than, Banana Republic. Their jewelry line never ceases to amaze me and yet I am still surprised when I covet something only to learn it is them and not an over the top expensive competitor. The detail is gorgeous and it came in a special little box which is half the fun of receiving shiny baubles. This too has become part of the decor as I find myself putting it in little vignettes around the house.

The other gift I have already mentioned but I can not say enough about. My Nikon. It is perfection and I believe will actually make me a better person. Thats right, it has super powers. That may sound impossible but when you own a camera that can capture so perfectly all of the beauty that surrounds us every day it makes you want to find more of it. To get out and explore, create, invent. I don't want to miss a thing and my usual routine of work, cook, wine, couch leaves many a stone unturned.

Probably no coincidence, all 3 of these thoughtful and cherished gifts came from my husband. A man who one year ago was still trying to call off birthdays or any other occasion where gifts were expected. Heartbreaking for a girl who loves to shower the people she loves with, well, material possessions. We worked through it. Found the route of the problem (because for me, it was a serious problem) and he has done a complete 180. Thanks babe. You are the Halley's comet on my list of shining stars.


Krystal said...

love the BR bracelet, they do really vintage-y stuff x

Alkemie said...

The gifts are absolutely wonderful! That bracelet is beautiful and I must say that I have a weakness for copper pots in the kitchen. Copper is such a warm and beautiful tone. As for the Nikon, it's great inspiration - photography is so much fun :)

Pigtown-Design said...

All of my pots and pans are copper. Nothing has the glow and sheen of copper.