Saturday, February 28, 2009

Before & After

I fear the worst has happened. My beloved home computer has inexplicably bit the dust. There will be one last chance for recovery but I have little hope. Low expectations. Small tears. It has been a solid week of all work, no play. No blog reading after a hot bath or Hulu viewing in bed while 2E watches his European soccer on the one home television. No recipe searching from the kitchen island or Facebook surfing of old friends. No. And the funny thing is it turns out there is a whole bunch of other shit I should actually be doing!! I will mourn my computer on my way to get a new one (if need be) but my little home is so grateful for the undivided attention I have been doting on it. Behold, project There is More To Life Than the Internet, aka my closet:

Example A, above, otherwise known as 'Hot Mess'

and, Viola, Example's B and C

With The Container Store employee's working double duty as my handlers I finished with a beautiful end result. I feel calm and relaxed and a little lazy for letting things get so out of hand. Project Throw Everything in the Pantry Out That Has Been There Since Before I Moved In here I come.


Jill said...

My computer downstairs started making clunking noises...literally...and then quietly passed away. Luckily I have another upstairs, or you would have to put me out of my misery!

Annie Empiric said...

Yes Jill! The clunking noise... I know all about it :( To be fair I too have another computer downstairs (2 actually. We have issues :) but all my photos were on the laptop and it is the only one I could get snuggly with in my big comfy chair. Cross your fingers for me please!!!!

hello gorgeous said...

My computer's fine but I have been blogging less and redid my closet last week, too!

Closet project sychronicity - woo!


Heather Beth Taylor said...

I'm officially inspired! must do closet project.

coco+kelley said...

dang. i need a new closet. and maybe a week away from my laptop as well :)

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