Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mink Pink

Mink Pink is an affordable Australian clothing line that has been around since 2005. I love how their clothes make me feel.

Right now I have no problem admitting that many of my recent fashion purchases have been inspired by The City.

Couldn't you see the girls from that show rocking these duds?


Anonymous said...

LOVING those round black sunglasses in the last pic! I've heard they're going to be this year's answer to wayfarers, but you know how cartoonists always draw blind people as wearing round dark glasses to signify that they're blind? yeah, that's what I looked like.

yet another trend for me to admire from afar!

Dana Wynne and Raul Cordova said...

Where can I find in Boston?.... ;(

Annie Empiric said...

Citysage - you crack me up! I too will be admiring that trend from very very far!!

Dana - google them and some online stores pop up but they don't list their USA retailers on the website :( I found them in a little shop here in LA thanks to May.

Heather Beth Taylor said...

pretty. you would love amaz in that last white dress.

Apt. #34 said...

super cute! I must got on a little shopping spree :)