Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Project: Bedroom and Home Office Makeover

I've been given the green light to redo the sitting room off of our bedroom and turn it into a creative retreat. It will become the nursery one of these days so the pieces I choose will have to transition easily. I have been wanting to tackle this project for awhile but after discussing it some more we have also decided to redo the bedroom, an unexpected bonus! The picture above really inspired me and I knew I wanted to keep the furniture light and adorn the walls with pattern. For this reason, I am going to start with the walls and work my way in. Below are the top candidates so far.

This Frutto Proibito from Cole & Sons Fornasetti Collection was originally pulled to use up at the store but the more we look at the sample in our own home the more I love it for the nursery option.

Very sweet and playful but also quite bold and the rich colors are anything but childish. Although this pattern comes in 3 colors this is the only one I am feeling for our project. I would recommend this darker option to create drama in a smaller space or for a restaurant/lounge in a heartbeat.

The sitting room flows off of the bedroom so we need to tie the two spaces together and the easiest way to do this is with color. The Conway pattern, also from Cole & Son, would be complimentary without being competitive. To help maintain this balance we have decided to paint the walls and wallpaper the ceiling instead. It will be the last thing I see before I fall asleep and the first thing I wake up to each day and Conway's beautiful design has a soft, quilted feel without being too busy or bright.

With so many options to choose from narrowing it down to just two is so hard! I will keep ya'll posted along the way and please feel free to chime in, I'd love hear your ideas and opinions!!

first image: via habituallychic


Heather Beth Taylor said...

i LOVE your inspiration picture and I the wallpapers you posted. so cozy.

jeana sohn said...

that's exciting! love the wallpapers.!

Sweet Nothings said...

the first picture is divine!

I am going to say stay away from the monkey one, but that is bc i am HORRIFIED of them..like my biggest fear. ever.

coco+kelley said...

the inspiration photo is PERFECTION!! i'm going to keep my eyes open for some good ones... eeek! you're talkin' babies on your blog! have fun in mexico!!

kelleyp said...

love the monkeys! great for a transitional room.

Anonymous said...

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