Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This Whole Post Is Brilliant

And exactly captures the mood of these spaces as well as my wandering mind...

Who Lives Here?

Oh, Rug Company! You torment me, you really do. I could feast on your catalog all day. Who takes your photos? Where are all these stunning locations? Every spread is so tantalizing that I can't help but play my favorite game...
Who lives here?

A twenty-something journalist who just returned to Paris after a two year stint in Tokyo, where she ran a weekly podcast about Japanese fashion called "Cherry Blossom Girl."

Who lives here?
A hot young show runner for a top 10 comedy show. This is his home office. He deliberately specified that the curtains pool on the ground at exactly that length. He hates the desk, but it'll do for now. These little details are why he makes the big bucks.

Who lives here?
A newly married couple who just moved into this ancestral home in Cheshire. He plans to turn it into a boutique hotel for London's media elite. She's an ex-model who's currently developing a line of organically sustainable hand cream. This morning as she gathered the flowers for the windowsill, she thought, "I miss my friends."

Who lives here?
A stressed-out fashionista. She just moved into this Milanese apartment after a messy breakup and wants to spiritually declutter her life. She's into spare white spaces now...because her personality is colorful enough.

Who lives here?
The son of an international media kingpin. His father disowned him when he found out he wanted to be a tattoo artist -- thank goodness for that trust fund. He just bought this loft in Boerum Hill and is going through a big Sex Pistols phase.

Who lives here?
LinkA massive rock star whose extracurricular exploits usually end up as headline news. He's currently entertaining a couple of visitors in the next room. Shhh. Let's leave them be.

If A Bloomsbury Life is not yet on your roll do yourself a favor and add it today. I have already shared its magic and the personal photos alone make it so unique.


Sweet Nothings said...

rawr. i love the first one

Apt. #34 said...

brilliant - I'll take the milan apartment please

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Annie, thank you for posting my piece on your blog, and for linking it...I'm honored! xxx