Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Vintage Needlepoint

Sweetest Little Belt via dreamboatcourtney

1960's Flowered Clutch via sophistikate

1930's framed portrait via retropolisvintage

Of the moment vest via SweetToothVintage

needlepoint RING, who knew, via Mistlynn

Springy Bohemian Belt via craftycrowvintage

What beautiful accessories! I'm totally mad for these vintage lovelies. With the knitting craze dying down a bit I wonder if needlepoint will make a comeback anytime soon?

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Vanessa said...

Annie, I HAD that vest in the 6th grade... I'm must not be very hip or now (I think we can all agree, I'm neither) but I sort of think that all things needlepoint, especially vests, should have died forever in the '80s. Early '90s at the latest. I did love that vest though....