Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Emerald Cut Rug Repro

A few months back a client brought in her inspiration folder of design ideas. She was in to buy a pair of pillows but when I spied this Domino Magazine page with the KWID Emerald Cut rug the conversation turned to flooring. She was dying to buy it but with a retail price of $70 - $110 per sq ft it wasn't in the budget. I was in the process of designing Empiric's new line of rugs so I faxed a drawing and spec's on to the rep I was working with and discovered we could get the rug done for a fraction of the price. Just $24/sq ft!!!!!

It just arrived and I think you'll agree it looks great. I am delivering it next week and I can't wait to see her reaction! I hope she loves it too.


Dana Córdova said...

Annie, these are simply stunning! I'm sure they will do well. ;) Already wishing we could get rid of the beat rug in our living room...

Julia said...

That is so pretty. Amazing the amount of work that goes into design.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

now that i bought the rug i need, i keep seeing ones i love!!! ahh!

btw, i just wanted to let you know that we awarded you the Irresistible Blog Award! You can see the award in today's post on our blog! Feel free to pass it along to those other blogs you love!!