Friday, August 14, 2009

A Dinner Party Weekend

Some of my friends, ahem HBT, get their food magazines, devour them, and then literally devour them. Making gorgeous meals based start to finish on the articles. But if you're anything like me you skim over the glossy pages, dog ear 1 or 2, tear an especially good one out and then file them away to never, ever make. long sigh.

This weekend if you are entertaining at home I urge you to break the cycle and whip up this culinary masterpiece. Taken from the pages of my Tyler Florence cookbook, Tyler's Ultimate Brilliant and Simple Food to Make Anytime. Some meals just say summer and this is one of them. We had it last night and I already want it again!

No one wants to be stuck in the kitchen at their own party which makes the salad, above, perfect as it can be done in advance. Paired with his Lemon Curry Chicken, below, it is beyond.

I'll set the table for as many as will come! You bring the wine.....

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