Friday, August 28, 2009

Taking Work Home For The Weekend

This weekend I am finally tackling a huge home project and will have shots next week of the whole process, beginning to end. You may recall the plans I had for our home office from this guest post a few months back but when we decided to expand the showroom our house took a back seat. Until now! So, can you guess which room I am redoing??

Have a restful weekend!

photo credits: 1. thedailybed 2. mdesign 3. decorpad 4. elizabethdinkel 5. myhomeideas 6. elementsofstyle 7. yourhouseandlife


Heather Taylor said...

whoa i love that second bedroom with the orange bedspread. i want to make ours more like that. real warm and coz.

Anonymous said...

I love them all Annie! But, the fourth one really grabs me! Can't imagine why? ;)

Lucinda said...

I was always curious as to what your home looked like. Having a store like Empiric must be such a good (or bad! too many fab choices!) sounding board for ideas for your actual living space. Looking forward to the pics!