Monday, September 21, 2009

Fashion on 1stdibs

The day after an awards show its hard not to have fashion on the brain. I'll leave the red carpet play back to the fashion bloggers out there and instead share some gorgeous vintage glam I ran across on 1stdibs. Beginning with this strapless number...

Victor Costa 1980's Flirty Rauched Floral Cocktail Dress

Everything great about the eighties all sewn up with a hot pink bow. I love the shape, texture, and those cupcake sweet colors. It makes me want to put the brakes on fall!

Fox Trimmed 1960s Afternoon Suit

But thankfully blue fur exists to bring me back around. This one is for the drama queen in us. I don't know what an Afternoon Suit is or where one would have worn it but it's fabulous!

Bill Blass Sexy Vintage Polka Dot Dress

Romance. In a nutshell. This is Oscar red carpet worthy! Taking a mental peak through past purchases that I never wore and eventually re-gifted I realize I have a thing for red and white polka dots but they unfortunately do not have a thing for me.

A few sophisticated accessories....
Unique Stehen Jones feathered Headpiece

Crystal Rhinestone Cocktail Ring

and some extraordinary nautical bling.....

Hermes Gold Tone Anchor Alarm Clock

all available via Vintage Haute Couture Fashion on 1stdibs

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