Friday, September 11, 2009

A Spirited Weekend: The Home Bar

When I was rearranging our furniture last week I switched out the bookcase that doubled as our bar for the long storage credenza. I wanted to move the bar out into the living area anyway so this just gave me a little push to find the right piece.

Space was a factor in me choosing this new metal dresser but its 30" width sealed the deal. The drawers house the majority of our bar accessories and the bottles of booze are on high shelves in the kitchen but a few special pieces were left out on display.

look reallll close, our very subtle monogrammed elephant napkins

a tiny blown glass nip perched in our captains mirror

My absolute favorite bar accessory is our silver Ralph Lauren wine cradle. A hostess gift from fellow wino's, The Wilsons. I can't find any info on this piece so I imagine it was discontinued but I treasure it.

This weekend I have put aside some time to let go of work and travel to see friends. A long overdue adventure....... Bottoms up!


Empiric Studio said...

Thanks babe, Ill try not to empty all the bottles before you get home. ;)

LindsB said...

What an awesome set up you have- love love love those napkins!

lisa fika said...

you're on design sponge!!!! xo. hope you are well!

TheCluelessCrafter said...

I love the colonial feel of this bar. Subtle splashes of intrigue like your napkins are always my favorite items to discover when I visit someone's home!

Anonymous said...

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