Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vertical Garden

Is everyone in the know about vertical gardens? I have been admiring a few for months now while simultaneously trying to figure out what to do with the strip of wall in my backyard where the ivy just won't seem to grow.

The wall above is the exterior of Smog Shoppe which is around the corner from our house and I drive by often. Isn't it beautiful? It is adorned with Woolly Pockets which is the brainchild invention of Smog Shoppe owner Miguel Nelson and his lovely wife Sherry.

When I googled vertical gardens I discovered that a gentlemen by the name of Patrick Blanc actually invented them and I was in awe as I surfed around his site. He maps out patterns on the walls before planting to create living works of art. They are true masterpieces.

And so it came ot be that two Sundays ago 2E and I hit the local nursery and started planting a Woolly Wall all our own......

images 1&2: Woolly Pockets image 3: Patrick Blanc images 4&5: Mio


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Whoa, that is pretty amazing. Can't wait to see yours. Sadly, don't think that would work in our cold climate :(