Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This year has had its battles, as do all, but amidst the hard days there were some bright shining stars. A few diamonds in the rough. Some silver linings in the clouds and even a couple small pots of gold.

My husband, our friends and the newest addition to my family, Milo.

Empiric! Growing and thriving in such hard times. Proving that hard work pays off when you put ego aside and give real value to your clients.

Our clients! The most loyal, kind customers. Making all the hard work worthwhile.

I am grateful to have this life, the love of so many, a sense of humor about it all and passion for a laundry list of things. And to all of you, who inspire me daily!

I look forward to this holiday season, slowing down and taking the time to appreciate it all!

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