Thursday, February 4, 2010

$5400 Worth of Sweet and Savory

The Cookies Without Borders bake sale was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who blogged about it or otherwise spread the word. We were thrilled with the attendance and over joyed by all the delicious donations people made. I mean.......

It was reminiscent of a spread at gourmet marketplace Joan's on Third ! A few people contacted me about how to go about hosting a similar fundraiser in their city which I think is amazing and inspiring! To them I say, find a location (we do ours outside of a very popular ice cream shop), some fellow worker bee's because this takes team work, pound the pavement for donations from local bakeries as well as individuals, and pick a charity to support! Then just spread the word and get to work!!! This year we had the local news, a New York Times journalist, and dozens of blogger's so dream big and raise lots!!!

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