Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Black Crow Studios

At a recent West Week event hosted by One Kings Lane I met Tracy Hiner of Black Crow Studios and have since become obsessed with custom wall papers. Just the idea of custom wallpaper and its endless possibilities! How fantastic would these Empiric prints be on a focal wall..

as a border....

or in a continuous repeating roll.

Muggeltonian Plate 1

And if Black Crow Studios Eye Chart is any indication we are certainly on the same page!


Tracy said...

Oh my! Thanks for blogging about me :-) I loved meeting the both of you too! If you ever want to make one of your images a wallpaper you just let me know, I'm down for it!
much love,

vvp said...

Annie, you know that my mother has gigantic image (albeit painted) of a volcano on the wallpaper in the kitchen... She's a revolutionary, that Nancy Van Dell.