Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Baby Shower for Lulu

Sunday afternoon's baby shower in the backyard was perfection. A good mix of woman, conversation, libations, and itty bitty teeny tiny clothes.

Lulu is going to be the best dressed baby I know (following in the foot steps of her gorgeous Mama)!


Taylor De Cordoba said...

pretty in pink! looks gorgeous!

Ssanchez said...

A Sunday afternoon baby shower sounds like fun!

Thanks for sharing.

Sandra @ www.modern-baby-shower-ideas.com

The Iconic Blog.com said...

How adorable and what a gorgeous mommy-to-be.xx

Anonymous said...

Another gorgeous spread Annie! I could only wish to look as good as your friend when I'm prego! (and thanks for the Sloane sidebar shout out! can't wait for your next contribution) xx d.

Lyndsy said...

That little outfit is soo cute and stylish and the mama is GORGEOUS!