Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Empiric on Tori & Dean

A perk of the job for me is seeing our pieces on production sets and on the finale of Tori & Dean last week, their new family room was over flowing with Empiric pieces. James McGowan, Tori's friend and designer, was having a dilemma with the long wall opposite the windows. Ultimately the enclosed bookcase and framed African Bird etchings, above, were the perfect solution.

In the center of the room they used a gorgeous convertible bar cart. Fully extended, along the back of the sofa as a console table, it divides the two seating sections and allows for additional lighting.

Over the mantle they positioned a large mirror made from tin ceiling tiles (which they painted white). I love the symmetry of this focal wall and the fabric they used for the curtains. Although not from Empiric, I also adore the red Chesterfield sofa in this vignette. The coffee table they purchased is made of Pecan. Slow growing fruit wood is rare to come across in furniture made today and is very expensive. Every once in a while we strip a vintage piece and discover a rare wood such as this with beautiful grain.

They scrambled to put this together and, despite the time crunch, James did an amazing job transforming this room from a dark den to a light airy room catered to family and socializing.


Alissa said...

Do you have any idea where the curtain fabric came from? It's fabulous!

Annie Crowninshield said...

Better late than never!? Haha. The fabric is Clarence House.

Amber said...
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