Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Feature::: Designer Client Spaces

Picture 105

I work with the most talented and creative minds in LA and I don't feature their work here nearly enough! Running the full gamut from up and coming, lesser known stylists straight on through to those rare household names there is no shortage of awe inspiring work in this pool.

Client Suzan Fellman is no stranger to press but I love her work and was especially drawn to this Gentleman's Loft.

Picture 102

She has an amazing eye for unusual pieces, objects, textures, and finishes. I'm sure if I went through each photo with a magnifying glass I could pick out her Empiric finds but regardless of where they were sourced they are classic and paired together perfectly.

Picture 103
My first love, a well stocked and on display bar.

A very Empiric antique safe nightstand and re-purposed oar mingle with a textile favorite and lighting from our collection.
Picture 104

You can view her complete portfolio of work here.

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