Wednesday, November 3, 2010



Milo has been wanting a big boy bed for months now. So, after scouring fabric books and, um, forgetting to pull the trigger on numerous occasions I finally did remember - I'm not in the dog bed business! Well, that and I love to support other young, cool business owners. Enter Jamie....

The dog beds at Furbish Studio are so pretty it seemed mean to make me pick just one but the fact that this guy was exactly the same colors as the bedroom softened the blow.

dog bed 1

milo 1
Happy Puppy

In other bedroom news, Otis the jackalope has been shacking up with us too.

bedroom 1

bedroom chair

It's rare for this chair not to be covered in my clothes. A shame because its real good lookin'


Danielle said...

milo is gorgeous. so is that chair.

Anonymous said...

aww cute pictures and blog!! :)

sorry for snooping ;)

check out our blog at:

Lea simply said...

Nice Milo, like my Bell!

Jen West Design said...

DYING over that chair. Dunbar had class. Thanks for visiting my blog. Wish I lived in LA. I'd live in your store! Jen