Friday, December 10, 2010

Pretty Packaging

I need a break from the holiday retail madness. My brain hurts from all the wrapping paper, ribbons, tissue, and trim... and it's only December 10th. In times of stress I turn to food. Beautiful food.

mcclures products
My girl Melissa needs a big old jar of these McClure spicy pickles for her Sunday Soupapolooza accoutrement.

As pretty as a set of old books, I want the entire collection of Pasolivo Olive Oils on display in my shelves.

I love the simplicity of the labels on Siggi's products. Whats inside the packaging is just as soothing.

How perfect are these black tins of loose leaf tea Grace Rare Tea's?

Merula fittingly means Black Bird in Spanish, where this oil is made from a combination of the countries olives. It is definitely a small pleasure to relish.

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