Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Collections/Happy Hour?

One of my favorite times to buy for the store is when I am over the moon for (insert noun). Shopping for a collection of anything is incredibly fun and displaying items as a collection makes them more significant. Its that old power in numbers theory. At the store I tend to search for the more unusual and would die for the pieces from Philanthropist Henry Wellcome's collection of objects based on medicine...

Holy Water bottles c. 1700's

50 glass eyes

These items including mummies, photographs and over a million other objects now belong to the Wellcome Trust and sadly, not us.  A popular collection:

Glassware. These bottles from Metropolitan Home are gorgeous and great inspiration for a first time collector. Well, we are all collectors I guess....

At the store we currently have collections of chinese checkerboards, vintage taxidermy, mid century dollhouse furniture (adorable!) and yes, colored glass bottles.

I started my first personal collection last year after finding the most beautiful hand blown, swirl glass, perfume bottle I had ever seen. I scowered flea markets, thrift stores and swap meets until I had about a half dozen unique treasures. Who knows how many I'd be at now if I hadn't found the remains of my first special bottle swept under the night stand by my house cleaner. My heart a little broken, I sold the collection and started fresh. The only prerequisite was that it not be a collection of teeny tiny breakable objects and that I keep them way up high on a shelf, out of the reach of 5' Elsa.  And so it began......

Cast Iron Cigarette Dispenser

Anri Bottle Stopper

Cast Metal Piggy Bank

metal card tray aka ring holder

black glass ashtray

Blown Glass Liquor Decanter

I don't know whats going on in your worlds but  things are a little nuts for me here. On days like today, when life gives you lemons, make a lemon drop, sit back and enjoy a few of your favorite things.


Heather said...

freaking out about the elephants! you're making me want to collect them. xoxo

Dana Wynne & Raul Cordova said...

I've tried very hard to be a minimalist in my home...but you're making me want to collect!!!

jozette said...

I'm not a collector of anything really, except books. I could have a billion and still want more. It's because my mom collected everything and our house was clutter central. So I keep it bare - BUT, those elephants. I just love them. And, if I'm ever in LA - I'm so checkin' out your store.

Annie Empiric said...

Jozette - Its like a disease and I just can't stop!! Do yourself a favor and enjoy the collections of others from afar or do it right and purchase an entire piece of furniture to house your "disease". A well displayed collection is my favorite piece of art.

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Annie, thanks for the comment on my blog. I was actually reading through your blog the about a week ago. Love it! Then I checked out your shop which is amazing. I'll definitely stop by when I'm in LA! Also, I'm adding you to my fav blog list. Lynn