Saturday, April 5, 2008


This is the gorgeousness I stared at from my shower today. With so much wedding preparations still to handle it is not odd that I immediately went to thoughts of matrimony and saw the symbolism in this happy vignette.

I have a small obsession with elephants (that I will surely unload on you at some point) and it isn't uncommon for me to purchase all things elephant and find a place for them later. When I bought this cute dude I had envisioned him in the kitchen, a small bowl of salt on his tray. After I was engaged he was repurposed as my ring holder, due to the obvious convenience of his extended trunk and his proximity to the sink.

Elephants have phenomenal memories and, although the do not mate for life, they are extremely emotional and sensitive beings who value friendship and stay with their families. Looking at my ring perched on the tip of his trunk, the embroidered hand towels emblazoned with my first initial and maiden name behind him I had one of those moments "Holy shit, this is real".


Heather Taylor said...

wow, annie this is a gorgeous little vignette - love the towels, the flowers, the vase, the elephant, the rings and everything else. so chic.

coco+kelley said...

awwww - i love that! and, of course, the elephant!!