Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Birds Of A Feather

Flock of 30 or so parrots that live outside our house.

The old saying "birds of a feather" is commonly used when referring to groups of people, who are similar, that hang. In my group of friends this is not the case as I like to congregate with all types. In old poetic English however it refers to the fact that birds only chill with their own species. Well by golly, they weren't lying.

If you've ever tried to photograph a bird flying you may be impressed by this shot.....

This morning I google'd wild parrots california and discovered that we are not alone. Apparently this phenomenon is happening up and down the coast so maybe some of you readers are privy to their beauty as well.


Jeana Sohn said...

wow, that's so amazing!

jozette said...

i think this is so cool! i'd love to have parrots living outside my house. instead, i have pigeons. that's just the way we roll in philly.

also, i LOVE your new header.

Annie Empiric said...

It is pretty cool right? Except they can be loud. Thanks for the new header props everyone. I wish I could take credit for making it but I am in agreement that it is rad.