Sunday, May 11, 2008

Empiric Decor

This Long Island Cape Cod style home featured in last Junes Elle Decor is a wonderful example of how to design using pieces similar to those that we sell at the store. It also has a few design characteristics subtly reminiscent of our own home such as the kitchen.

Excuse the poor quality of the scan but the white lacquer cabinets, dark counters and general floor plan instantly stood out to me as familiar. As I turned the pages I found a home full of one of a kind treasures picked out thoughtfully, with a knowledge of quality materials and an eye for conversational pieces.

Such as this monkey. Possibly this is a thing with the Brits because our vintage taxidermy comes from England and the homes owners, Kevin Carrigan and Tim Furzer, do as well.

Their study, above, is simple. Outfitted in a 1920's desk with Fritz Hansen chair, a bulb vase with lilly's, and an antique scale case (now home to the skeleton of a carrier pigeon). The Apple Mac Book the only clue to the time period of the room.

Vintage optometrists tables such as this are not uncommon on our showroom floor either, albeit restored such as the one below.

When I moved in with 2E I discovered that he didn't have a shower, just a bath. In all my overnights it hadn't occurred to me that he ran me a bath because we had no other options. Although the preferred romantic method of cleaning, not so for my every day rinse so prior to me making the 3000 mile trek to my new digs he installed a shower head and in place of a curtain he adhered a glass wall

exactly like the one here. The skylight is dead on too and in my opinion a bathroom must.

Overall this home would be anyone's dream weekend get away which is what its current purpose is but I also enjoy seeing pieces such as the ones we deal in mingling with different aesthetics, not so cut and dry. I'm blessed to have befriended a few loyal customers and always take pleasure in visiting their homes and seeing how each one has reinterpreted their classics.

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Apt. #34 said...

Annie, Cass' friend Erin from Seattle - love the couch you came up with for miss Cassandra! Now I want one :) Saw your place on D*S as well - gorgeous!