Friday, May 9, 2008

Peek A Boo

I see you. I feel like recently every time I open a magazine (embellishment) I see a familiar face staring back at me.

House & Garden

This charmer is Douglas Little. Douglas makes the amazing candles we sell at Empiric as well as a line of curious goods such as this absinthe fountain and glasses, retailing for a cool $5k.

If you have never purchased a DL & Co. candle for yourself you are due. After I have burnt every last drop of the wax I run the thick glass vessels through the dishwasher and re-purpose them as sugar bowls, orchid pots, candy dishes. Each scent comes in a different appropriate color. Below is Absinthe. My favorites are Pink Pepper, Lady Rhubarb, and Angels Trumpet. They are worth every penny!

I first met Douglas at the store when he stopped by to discuss a window display (that never came to fruition) with 2E. He was wearing a 3 piece suit and had a monocle hanging from his lapel. I hadn't yet moved to LA and had had little contact with its inhabitants but Douglas intrigued me and opened my eyes to the real freedom that this city had. Boston had a lot of things but a true Dandy it did not! Recently we bumped into him at the LA Magazine Tastemakers event in Hollywood where he had a fabulous new candle scent on display. In the works next, a jewelery line. Think oversized cuff links made of green jade frogs.

This hipster is Ezra Woods.

Marie Claire

I met Ezra through the fabulous Heather. Always surrounded by a bevy of equally cool cats he is sort of surprisingly sweet. He isn't unlike Douglas in his appearance actually but with a more punk Robert Smith edge. Mandrake, our local hang, is hip-happening on Wednesdays thanks to his DJ skills.


Claire Oswalt, who's praises I seem to be singing a lot of lately, is a customer, an acquaintance, and an unbelievably talented artist. She first came into the store a couple of years ago with her boyfriend at the time. Sadly, I didn't recognize her when she popped into the new store a few days before Christmas last year desperately searching for gifts for her rentals. We chatted briefly, had a chuckle about the ridiculousness of shopping for your folks and I sent her on her way with a pair of cute ceramic pineapple candle holders. I thought she was lovely. Hours later in a bizarre twist we ran into her at Heathers gallery, Taylor De Cordoba, where we officially introduced ourselves. Well, imagine my surprise when I fell head over heels with a painting months later only to find out it was of her genius.

Taylor De Cordoba

All her work is great but this piece especially grabs me.

If it seems like all routes lead back to Heather Taylor its because they pretty much do. If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting her you would understand why. She's put in your pocket goodness. Heather also stumbled upon our new Culver City location and we quickly struck up a conversation about, coincidentally, blogs! She reminded me of my friend in Boston, Dana, and actually was familiar with Dana so it felt very natural to meet for drinks at Mandrake shortly after. The rest is a blur really which is what happens when you meet someone new who you feel you've known a lifetime. Browsing through an issue of Elle you can imagine my surprise when I spied this.


I knew I was crushing on Heather but I had yet to realize that the rest of the masses were on to her too. I was impressed. And as if that article wasn't enough this recent two page spread in Marie Claire is a show stopper!




Heather said...

I heart you too. xoxo

Dana Wynne & Raul Cordova said...

I'm honored to remind you of this fabulous lady-- You, me and "West Coast Dana" gotta snag drinks at Mandrake when I visit!

xxx d.

coco+kelley said...

daaamn! i'm glad you finally posted the pic of heather!! she looks H.O.T.

(and i love your little elephant banner!!)