Thursday, March 20, 2008


Of recent 2E and I have been uber Hollywood, complete with attending the Grammys and an Oscar pre-party at The Chateau Marmont. I only wish I had started posting earlier to report on some of the ridiculousness that transpired at both. This week we were invited to Los Angeles Magazines Tastemakers event. We went in support of our gal Melissa McClure. Melissa makes gorgeous jewelry that I am proud to say I own a piece of. At the event I was incredibly lucky to be sporting this mean hardware.


Michael and Melissa were working on her display for weeks and we ended up designing a very Empiric backdrop for her phenomenal pieces.

I know, crazy right?

We also paled around with an old friend, Douglas Little, who's candles and curiosities we have been selling for years. Each of his decadent candles are "specially formulated to ignite the imagination and illuminate shadowy places".

They are pure heaven.

The night was full of signature cocktails, friend sightings, a little networking and some insight on some of LA's up and comers. It was Hollywood (without ridiculousness) at its finest.

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