Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Relish Small Pleasures

Last weekend my betrothed and I headed out of town to celebrate his birthday. I wish I could say that we were cruising around the mountain curves, sun roof open, holding hands and singing "our" song but that would be a huge stretch. First of all, we don't have a song and there were mountains and curves but thats where it ends. I was pissed. An old issue had reared its head the day before and we had had a fight. A doozy. We had gone as far as to cancel our ski trip and resigned to barely looking each other in the eyes.

Sunday morning I called a girlfriend from high school who had recently been with us in LA for the purchase of my wedding dress and some girly "accessories" from Kiki De Montparnasse. She listened as I retold the fight. Letting me get it all off my chest and do some serious venting. Agreeing when she should have and advising as necessary. She than told me, matter of factly, some wonderful advice. Get home, get the lingerie and get on the road!

As we left the city behind us we also left a lot of anger. Half way through the trip we started talking about "the issue". Talking. Much better than screaming. We arrived in Big Bear two much happier people (which made signing the credit card slip for the upgraded jacuzzi suite way more bearable). One fancy dinner, a couple bottles of wine, the before mentioned jacuzzi and a day of skiing later we were headed back down the same road in a completely different mind set.

I am so blessed to have my amazing Michael, a life that allows us many spur of the moment trips, our beautiful store, Empiric, a NE summer wedding around the corner and countless small pleasures. It was driving out of the mountains and back to LA that I realized I not only needed to relish all of it but I needed to record it. So enjoy......

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Antoine said...

I thought Big Bear would be about the lost lamented Teddy! Even I was sad when Big Bear vanished.