Saturday, June 28, 2008

Next Saturday At This Time

This photo was taken when Michael and I first met. We were at his cousin Laura's wedding in Provincetown MA and neither of us had technically been invited. Just a lucky coincidence that my room mates boyfriend had broken up with her (sorry Liz!) and Michael's father had had a last minute change of heart about escorting his mother from Seattle. Both reasons upsetting for our 'dates' but worked out wonderfully in our favor.

Above , the first picture ever taken of us. One of many Michael has captured since July 31st of 2004 when it was taken.

Tomorrow we lift off for Marblehead to make all the final arrangements, put out some fires, tie together a few loose ends and, ultimately the biggest loose end, the knot. Before that happens though I will have the pleasure of writing my vows and, in doing so, reliving the 1,399 days since we first crashed a wedding and altered the course of our lives forever.

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