Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wedding on Vashon Island

Tea House on Vashon Island where the ceremony took place.

The detail was extraordinary!

This small "room" was on the property and was used as the Bridal Suite. We had to hop across stones to get there.

a bouquet of gorgeous dahlias.

While wandering the property I also came across the home of a monk who was kind enough to let me use the bathroom so I didn't have to wait in line for the porto pottys. Yes, if you're wondering the WHOLE experience was a little like waking up in the twilight zone.

My beautiful Mother In Law who we had lunch with the following day.....


Liz said...

Is that tea house on Vashon Island, Washington? I'm trying to find it, but no luck. Do you have any other info?


Annie Empiric said...

Liz, it is a private residence and sadly I do not but I am sure they rent it our for occasions often so it would be worth researching.
Good luck!