Friday, August 29, 2008

Highlights of a Wonderful Week

And just like that, its over! Poof. August, at its end, right before our eyes. For me it went out with a bang in what turned out to be a fantastic, whirlwind, wonderful, hectic week. Some highlights...

Our Bond & Bowery online market place proved its worth with a sale! As non advertiser's we we're on the fence about joining just a couple weeks ago and are already really pleased with the direction it is going in. Lamp above not the item we sold but too pretty not to include. You can check it out here.

A lunch date and day of fun with Heather always brightens me up! The Fountain Coffee Room was so special and unlike any other place I have been. I can't wait to take 2E and do it all over again!

My new, life changing, sunglasses. They rule. Enough said.

The discovery of these blogs made for a couple hours of eye candy and entertainment.

Last but not least a peak at a beautiful home we will be posting on the Empiric blog next week.

However you're spending your weekend I hope you have fun. Blogging has reminded me to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the things I'm doing and do the things I enjoy. I think we will be heading up to Santa Barbara for a day or two but I'll be back on Monday and am looking forward to sharing a new season with you all.

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bakingwithplath said...

Oh my god, you just made my shitty week 102932039 times better! Ahhh thank you; I feel special.