Monday, September 1, 2008

If you haven't seen it, it's new to you

Happy Labor Day Lovie's! In honor of this holiday I'm off for the day but am leaving links to some of my favorite posts from the last 5 months. Enjoy......

By far my favorite Before & After post. This dresser inspires me on every one of our buying trips.

Collections are fun!

I did some reflecting around my 30th birthday and found myself more emotional than I had predicted. Everyday we make the decision to be happy and appreciate where we are at or make the changes to get where we want to be. This year I have found myself struggling on days when I needed to pick my head up and be thankful for all that I have. Sometimes life can be overwhelming and focusing on the positive easier said than done but it shouldn't take the bad days to realize how short this journey is and how much fun there is to be had!

The Design * Sponge write up propelled my little blog to the next level (and made me a new friend).

I have lathered, rinsed and repeated reading this article for my entire adult life and still I am inspired by their story of partnership. Live, Love, Laugh!

A little pre-wedding love for 2E. Followed up with post-wedding love for you.

Returning to work with a clear head and a folder full of ideas has made the second half of summer more exciting than I could have (sweet) dreamed!

Repeats in TV Land can be so disappointing but in this personal forum I hope I have taught some new readers more about me and reminded my original visitors why they keep coming back. Viva!

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