Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dinner Party

Dinner on Saturday was one of the highlights of our trip to Sonoma and Napa Valley. We attended Reverie Winery & Vineyard's private cave dinner in celebration of their new release 1998 and 1999 wines.

The cave was a truly unique dining room and the wine and company could not be beat! We had a 5 course meal catered by Butterfly in San Francisco which included an appetizer tasting plate, the largest prime ribs ever to grace a plate followed up with a smorgasboard of dessert.

A highlight was meeting and sharing our meal with the charming Jim Barrett, who's story was the subject of the recently released movie Bottle Shock.

May and Jimbo

There were a few other characters who rounded out the evening as well but none more important than our travel buddies! I can't believe that this was my first time in Napa but happy to report it will not be my last. Friday at 8:30am when we missed our flight (while standing directly across from our gate) I wasn't so sure. I won't lie, there were some moments of panic and the split decision not to throw coffee on a flight attendants face. But sans liquor, nicotine, zanax or physical brutality I got over it (barely) and agreed with 2E to make the trek anyway, via car, and so it came to be 7 hours later we were toasting with our first glass of wine. Clink Clink!


Anonymous said...

Let's go back this weekend!!!


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Dana Wynne and Raul Cordova said...

Holy cow, that looks amazing! Glad you guys had fun.