Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Empiric Today

Now that 2E is maintaining a blog just for the store I have been writing fewer posts about pieces I am excited about but today I couldn't help myself. Now that our store manager moved on to a new position I spend more time behind the counter and less time out gathering inspiration. Lucky for me this little space inspires me beyond believe! Above, our new wallpaper which makes me so very very happy. It was only installed a few weeks ago but it's as if it was always here and that, to me, is a true test of great design. We have received many compliments and it only makes me want to do more. Stay tuned...

Make way for ducklings! Our cups are runnething over with vintage avian taxidermy this fall. Now, before anyone gets sad, these pieces are decades old and it is only as a tribute to their beauty that we offer them here. We sell many different kinds of taxidermy but the birds are our most popular by far. See more here.

How great is this bookend?! He is one half of a pair and they are one of three that we currently have. Deciding which elephants stay and who goes is always difficult but the 900 sq feet we call home does most of the dictating. I dream of the day I have more shelves to fill and can keep a few more special finds. In the meantime I get so much joy out of selling them to other collectors and/or admirers. I can't imagine it will be too long before these guys fly the coop. What a precious holiday gift for elephant lovers and avid readers alike.

Possibly my favorite current collection in the store, 9 colorful vintage spin tops. They all have so much character and have been worn down by years of love. They will look fantastic displayed in someones home that is, if a movie studio doesn't snatch them up first. These sorts of pieces are exactly what Hollywood sets need to make them unique and add a personal touch. We are known for our curiosities and are shopped regularly by set directors. I am embarrassed to admit how many night time dramas I watch to see our wares. Thank god for Tivo!

We are in the process of working out the kinks on our new store website, decorating for fall, picking out new fabrics to offer on upholstery and, of course, gearing up for the holidays. I sing carols year round and have folders full of inspiration so you can imagine how over board I go come December. I can't wait to share more as the boxes arrive but today I am hanging up my hat and spending the next 5 days with my girl Taryn, in from Boston. We are going to Jay Z tonight, dinner with my LA ladies tomorrow, Palm Springs for the weekend and tons of backyarding in between.

Taryn, backyarding


Elements of Style said...

My husband sings Christmas carols year round too. He can;t get enough of "Baby It's Cold Outside", even in July. Your next few days sounds like heaven. Send Palm Springs my best- how I would KILL to go back to the Parker right now.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Living in DC, we don't have quite the same Hollywood studio presence, but I've seen people in antique stores buying items for sets once or twice. I've always thought that sounded like a fun job. "I think this pitcher would be perfect for the scene where Daphne is making iced tea." I could do that!