Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One week ago today


The Last Of The Beach Days. Taryn and I kicked off her time here with a day by the Santa Monica pier. It was so nice. With the beach just down the street I wish I could say we spent more of our time there but.... I'd be lying. Thank god I have friends who come to visit and remind me to take advantage of this perpetually sunny city...

Dolphins. They role through every day around 2pm. Pretty incredible.

The sky and the ocean practically melted together. The light was perfect...

Dehydrating nights call for rehydrating days.... Pomegranite spritzer, sooooo bueno.

Taryn! Come back.

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elle @ pret-a-party said...

i stumbled upon your blog and it's always nice to find another angeleno! sigh, malibu is something i take for granted - i definitely don't get out there enough!