Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Surrender!

via the oh so talented Jen Gotch

Did anyone see Oprah 2 Mondays ago? Me neither. But it was about (blush) sex. Over lunch last week my friend described to me some of the tips for keeping the sparkle alive, one of which I found quite intriguing. The Surrender Date.

Your job, if you so choose to except, is to sit back, relax and let yourself go. Your partner's, on the other hand, is to plan everything from beginning to pillow happy end (blushing again). Starting with your outfit, yes that includes your unmentionables and accessories!!, and planning the how where and when. The idea is to take all the pressure and stress off of you so you can relax and let go for a while. Sound dreamy? I'll share mine if you share yours.

I told 2E about it and he thinks it sounds fun on the condition that he makes the night he picks a surprise too so hopefully in the near future I'll have a fun (PG for the kiddies) story to share with you all. I want to hear yours too though!! Has anyone done this before?


Anonymous said...


You may want to pass this along to him!!!!

I may consider trying this BUT if I know my husband like I know my husband I would end up in acrobatics and things...not really very relaxing.


Annie Empiric said...

Oh Charlie! What are we going to do with him!!

I need to get some more mileage out of our first Kiki trip before I ever return to love den!!

Heather said...