Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

My poor little blog has taken a back seat to my big, busy life. The past two weeks have been whirlwind but wonderful. Returning to Boston takes me back to a really different world that I am missing so much in my new grown up life. Moving to Los Angeles 4 years ago was the most difficult thing I have ever done. Prior to LA I had also lived in Arizona, Santa Cruz, Mexico, and France. No stranger to new places, the change wasn't what made it so hard. It was the reason.

Tonight I am lucky enough to have my oldest girlfriend and my newest girlfriend around my table in LA to ring in the New Year together. Just us and ours, cozy as kittens, devouring dinner and reminiscing on the past year.

2008 brought me a new husband, a failed friendship, many memorable travels, and my 30th birthday. It was a milestone year. It also brought me this blog which in turn brings me much happiness. I have yet to find the time to share all the stories that make me me and the real things that inspire me everyday but that's just that lil' obstacle we touched on called a big, busy life.

This year I resolve to balance work and play. To kick bad habits. To stop falling asleep on the couch. To read more and gossip less. To chew my food rather than inhale and to wash it down with the occasional glass of water instead of just wine.

I want to paint my bedroom green, oh, and add 2,000 square feet onto the back of the house to include a new master suite, a wrapping room and an interior courtyard. No thang!! If rollover resolutions are permitted than this will also be the year we debut our custom rugs at Empiric, working out becomes a priority and I will travel to Buenos Aires, Greece, and to the corners of my mind. Anyone care to join me?

Included for no other reason than just because....

photos (with exception of J & J): marjchun


Anonymous said...

What wonderful reflections on the old year passed, and meaningful resolutions for the new year to come. And a smokin' hot pic of JT...bonus!

Here's to 2009 in all its shining potential. Thank you for the inspiration you share with us!

Elements of Style said...

That pic makes me weak in the knees. :) Great re-cap- and if you ever feel the strong desire to come back to your roots, we Bostonians would welcome you with open (but chilly) arms!

coco+kelley said...

you know how i know you're awesome? you used the same pic as me for your new year post. damn, we have good taste ;)

happy happy new year to you and michael. thank you so much for all the roles you've played in my life in the last year! here's to a fabulous 2009...whatever it may bring :)

Jeana Sohn said...

happy new year, annie!
i'm so glad we met last year and hope to see you more often this year.