Friday, January 30, 2009


I am ordering new lighting for the shop today and came across this bedazzler appropriately named Bling. With the exception of my wedding rings I usually stick to more earthy bling but sometimes I dream of a girly room all me own to lay around in feather slippers, sipping champagne and burping up bubbles. Not burps but actually blowing bubbles from my belly. I would invite my cat, Gorgeous Georgii, and Whitney Port, my girl crush du jour. In this fanatsy I look like Robin Wright Penn circa Forest Gump but I dance like Usher. I kinda feel like a chandelier dripping with misshapen glass beads could really get this sort of party started.

Well, whatever your idea of bling is, I hope you have a weekend chock full o fit.

1 comment:

Joslyn said...

this is rather stunning...i think it would be kinda fun in a sort of "earthy" room...some unexpected glam.

your shop looks amazing...